Kingsmen Group

When will you receive your statement?
We publish statements between the 27th-30th of the month every month. With no exceptions.
How long does it take to get paid after the music is streamed and or downloaded?
It varies. Most DSPs have a lag of 60 to 90 Days between when streams are played/sold and when they are paid out. Here is an example to indicate the time from stream or download to payout.

Imagine that a stream/download happens in September. All DSPs report (at minimum) per month. There is no difference whether your music was streamed or downloaded at the start, middle, or end of the month. Many DSPs will then issue reports around mid-late October, but we won't actually receive payment for this report until mid-late November. Since we currently start our royalty run around the 27th-30th of the month, if we haven't received payment by that date, then we will not include that DSP in that run. So it is fairly typical that you will receive your statement on December 27th-30th and will be paid 7 Business days after the end of each month of the royalty run for most DSPs. Apple & YouTube are exceptions and tend to be only two months post facto.

Important steps in the process one must understand:
Most DSPs will send us the revenue report for September streams/downloads sometime around mid-October.

The bigger DSPs (Spotify, Apple, YouTube, Deezer, and Amazon) shouldn't experience any delays, but all other DSPs are susceptible to delays. Note that some DSPs report only quarterly, and many DSPs can be delayed in their reporting or payment.

There are times when the DSPs discovers missed transactions months or years later. The DSP will then issue an adjustment report (and payment) for these transactions.

When Kingsmen Group receives historical reports and funds, we will also include those in your statement, and you will see this reflected in the Transaction Date column of the detailed transactions part of your statement.

After we receive the DSP's revenue report in mid-October, we still need to receive their payment before we can generate your statement.
Additional notes
As a result of the above, your month X statement will include streams/downloads from many different prior months. This information is displayed on your statement's detailed (raw data) page along with the relevant DSP.

Your statement's detail page will allow you to see exactly what DSPs were included in the report by looking at the summary tab. If you look at the ‘sales raw data’ tab, you can filter on columns B and C to see the reporting month and the DSPs transactions that are included in the statement.