Kingsmen Group

Content Inappropriate for YouTube Content ID
Not all sound recordings are appropriate for distribution to YouTube Content. Repeatedly distributing such content to this DSP can result in the suspension of your distribution to these DSPs.

The following is a list of content which should not be distributed to YouTube Content ID and Facebook Rights Manager.
Has any samples or 3rd party beats (in other words, it's not 100% original — regardless of whether it has a valid license or not).
Contains sound effects, soundbeds, or production loops from a software package.
Includes non-distinct recording such as nature or wildlife sounds, street noise, ambient sounds (fireplace crackle, etc.)
Remix that isn't significantly different from the original.
Karaoke versions.
A variation of a sound recording that has already been distributed to YouTube Content ID or Facebook Rights Manager. For example:

1 an instrumental version

2 a remaster

3 a shorter/longer version (for example a medley or a concert version where the sound recording is not significantly different from the one previously distributed to YouTube Content ID or Facebook Rights Manager)

Sound-alike or a cover song that sounds too close to the original (you can determine this by Shazaming your track; if Shazam indicates the original version, then your track sounds too much like the original).
Classical music recording of a composition in the public domain.
Meditation, yoga, or sleep music.
DJ set, a continuous mix, or other similar compilations.
Video gameplay footage.
Non-music content such as (but not limited to):
1 comedy recordings
2 film recordings (that are not the musical score to a film)
3 speeches
4 prayer recordings
5 audiobooks
6 podcasts