Kingsmen Group

What does Kingsmen Group do?

Before our main platform launches, we provide three basic services; which are:

  • Be an independent Artist/Label

The service is for artists/Labels who can sell/monetize music worldwide on the most popular platforms, such as Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, YouTube, Amazon Music, Deezer, and more.

Daily sales trends and analytics

Our analytics give you all of the relevant data you need to get your music to the people who need to hear it. Turn your listeners into fans. Our groundbreaking AI technology can predict your next big hit and provide recommendations tailored specifically to you.

Revenue Split System

Royalty splits are an easy way to pay multiple owners of a song automatically. When a song has multiple owners, we can make things easy by automatically splitting monthly royalty payments according to how you've defined the specific song's Royalty Split.


Our service allows you to process royalty statements from any store in minutes, regardless of how large or complex the statements are.

Monthly Payment

We pay monthly with Tipalti and PayPal anywhere in the world.

The advance payment function will appear in the near future.

Artists, labels, and rights owners can see a daily balance of their songs' future revenue and also can request advances based on their share of the assets pipeline revenue - on one or all of the assets at the same time.

Our commissions:

From Streaming and Downloading Platforms: 20%

From YouTube Content ID: 20%

  • Sign with the Kingsmen Records


Along with the distribution service, your music will be promoted through Kingsmen Records' partner program, which includes YouTube channels and Spotify playlists.

Music Publishing & Sync Licensing

As your publishing administrator, we protect your copyrights, collect the "Publisher Share" of all your digitally streamed music, such as Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, etc. In addition, we collect public performance royalties and manage mechanical and sync licensing.

Label Share: 50%

  • Paid Promotion

You pay a one-time fee to promote music/video on YouTube music channels and Spotify playlists. Prices may vary depending on the resource of the channel/playlist.