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YouTube Promoter

Are you the owner of a YouTube channel? We invite you to become a promoter with Kingsmen Records and get a share of the revenue generated by our catalog on your channel.

Step 1: Join

To begin the application process, we require that you meet our channel joining requirements. Your channel should meet the following criterias:
1. You must be of legal age to enter a business agreement with Kingsmen Records.
2. The content on your YouTube channel should primarily consist of music or other content where music can be used in the background.
3. Your channel should demonstrate the recent activity with a recorded upload within the last month.
4. The average views of the videos on your channel should exceed 50,000, indicating a substantial and engaged audience.
We appreciate your attention to these requirements and look forward to reviewing your application.

Step 2: Review

The minimum requirements are necessary for considering your channel as a potential promoter. However, meeting these requirements does not guarantee acceptance, as the final decision lies with our team, who carefully reviews all applications.

Step 3: Contract

Once your application has been approved, we will send you the contract for your signature. The terms of the contract do not impose any obligations regarding the specific music to be uploaded or the timeline for posting. You retain complete autonomy in deciding the music to be uploaded and the corresponding timing for posting/promotion.

Step 4: Promoting

Congratulations! You have been appointed as the official promoter of Kingsmen Records. We have a music collection available on our official YouTube channel, and you are free to choose any of them for your videos. You may use any of the tracks in whole or in part. However, please be aware that using any part of the music as an outro at the end of your video is strictly prohibited.

Step 5: Payment

You will have access to your personal account, where you will receive half of the Kingsmen Record's share generated by our catalog on your channel. The revenue will be allocated every month.

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